Salon Chateau La Bruguiere

This ancient mansion, recognized by the National Geographic Institute (NGI) as a castle and surrounded by organic vineyards, sits at the gateway to the Cévennes National Park, a UNESCO heritage site. With its three-hectare park featuring a swimming pool, it's a haven for those who appreciate historic charm, tranquillity, and nature. Classified as a natural area, the estate offers a refined and eco-conscious haven for rejuvenation—a timeless escape for solitary retreats or romantic getaways.

The rooms

Choose from five charming options overlooking the park, each as delightful as they are meticulously maintained, allowing you the freedom to select according to your mood.

Chambre Scipion Chateau La Bruguiere
Extérieur Chateau La Bruguiere
Piscine Chateau La Bruguiere

The spirit of the place

La Bruguière, once a leisure castle, retains its soul as a sanctuary dedicated to the art of living, creativity, and serenity.

The estate

Our passion for heritage, architecture, and gardens led us to revive this sleeping beauty, creating a space to be shared with those who appreciate places with character and who know how to find beauty even when hidden.

Extérieur Chateau La Bruguiere


Bien sûr, vous pourrez lire sous les platanes centenaires et nager dans un bassin biologique face aux contreforts des Cévennes. Mais vous pourrez également découvrir des sites naturels, des villages perchés au détour d’une randonnée, la route des vases d’Anduze, les brocanteurs de village. Ou opter pour un séjour sportif au cœur des Cévennes méridionales.

Bassin ancien Chateau La Bruguiere
Baigade (3)
Chateau de la Bruguiere Tornac (5)
Chateau de la Bruguiere Tornac (37)


La Bruguière is available for day or week-long private events, photoshoots, or filming.

Accommodating up to 14-16 guests in double rooms. External catering available.

Contact us for inquiries.